Monday, December 17, 2018

Pigs in Tutus.

This time of year is so hard for so many people. The world tells us it is supposed to be full of glittery goodness and perfection confections, but the raw reality is that the holidays have a ton of baggage.
So I am suggesting that you ignore Pinterest and Instagram influencers and just do you. Most of that rubbish is meant to sell you something, whether it be a literal product or the idea that someone else's life is grandiose and perfect- fuck that shit. You probably do not need the product and that Instagram person has pimples and issues just like the rest of us.

Do YOU. If that means making cookies, great. If that means binge watching Criminal Minds, also great. Cover your tree with the tattered homemade ornaments your kiddos made. Refuse to put up Christmas lights if they stress you out, or go all in with inflatable Christmas dragons and pigs in tutus if they make you happy.

No holiday spirit? That's okay- indulge in self care, and try to do something nice for people who might also be struggling at this time of year.

No money? Write them a letter or a note, telling them your favourite memory or why you love them.

No time? Write them a short note, letting them know that they matter to you.

All the money and time and holiday spirit in the world? Do the above, and attach it to a baby blue convertible, a la Santa Baby.

Even though I am posting this via social media, I am also going to suggest that you turn away from your Instagram and Facebook these next few days. We all know they are going to be full of beautiful pictures that are designed to make us feel less than. If you do insist on looking, at least remember that the artful sunrise was taken a hundred different times with a 10K camera, and that the perfect family portrait also involved a hundred takes, bribery, tears, and maybe a shot of whiskey. Embrace your present imperfection, be kind to yourself and your people, and know that these days are more than what is being sold to you.

Peace and love and present imperfection, buttercups. XX

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