Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Home State

I was driving through the panhandle of West Texas
last Sunday afternoon, thinking about all of the
things I love about my home state. Driving along a dusty two-lane highway, I thought about things like big pickup trucks, slow twangs, Taco Villa's peppery taco sauce, "yes ma'ams and no ma'ams," barbecued green beans, real iced tea, family ties, miles of corn and cotton under brilliant blue skies, and a million other small things.
And then Harvey happened. As I drove north to safe Colorado, my mama drove to my sister's house in the metroplex area instead of to her home in Houston. Not because she did not want to go home but because she could not go home. She stayed north for days, blessed because she had a safe place to go to even as many others did not.
Harvey was/is horrifying. While I am over a thousand miles away, my heart hurts for all of the suffering and loss that Harvey has dropped onto so many people, heartbreak that will continue long after the news stories disappear. While Harvey did not discriminate, and managed to hit every demographic imaginable, those with the least may suffer the most in the long run. Even as I watch all of the sadness, read the stories, and speak to people suffering as I work each day, I am struck by the big thing I love about my home state.
Texans pull together. In a time of tragedy, Texans pull themselves up by their bootstraps, wade into the water, and pull others up and out of harm's way. All that other stuff, politics and disagreements, that can all wait when there are grandmas to be rescued from rising waters.
All of the people flocking to danger, without a second thought, have brought me to tears more times in the last five days than I should admit. Every video of grandmas being rescued from their flooded homes in jetskis, people using monster trucks to pluck others out of rushing waters, human chains putting themselves in harm's way to help strangers- they remind me that good and grace still abound in 2017.
There is a reason, after ALL of these years in Colorado, that I still identify as Texan. A little of it might be the Big Red sodas and the barbecue, but this last week reminded me what it means to be Texan.

Peace and love and big blue skies and brave bootstrappin', y'all. XO

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  1. I believe there's a lot of Texas heroes out there helping, and I consider you to be ones of those heroes... Thank you for being there to help others, thank you for being my amazing friend, and thank you for sharing this. You truly have a heart the size of Texas! ♡ Xo


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