Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today's Bucket List

I am done with DU in just a few weeks, unless I apply to grad school. Let’s be honest, I can actually tell you the hours I have left, not including drive time and studying hours. I have been amassing a bucket list of ALL of the things I want to do once I am living like a normal person again, without what amounts to two full-time jobs at once. My bucket list includes chasing storms, going to see my Mema, gardening, camping with my monkey, refinishing my cabinets, learning how to use my grill, actually seeing my friends, sleeping a normal amount, the Incline, going to the Farmers Market, reading for pleasure, and a million other things, large and small.
But this last quarter, I have realized that I cannot wait until I am done. I might make my first B’s this time around, and I might have to let things slide but I cannot wait one more day to tend to my garden and live my life. Soo, I have been doing the little things, interspersed here and there, while I also work and study. I have been cleaning up my yard, and amending soil for a garden. Planting wildflowers so that my side yard will be a rainbow of color. Reading for pleasure, in between ALL of the other reading. Writing for pleasure, in between all of the Capstone work and papers. Binge watching old Deadwood episodes (best dialogue and most creative cursing ever). Ordering an American Gods coloring book for the American Gods premiere, just to cement my nerdiness. Cooking- over the last three years, I forgot how much I like cooking and baking. Visiting friends. I decided that life is too short to have a bucket list of things to do someday, so I am doing them now.
That being said, I am redoing my floors on my lower level, so if anyone has that on their bucket list, give me a call <3

Peace and love and extra cream in your coffee and pleasure reading, buttercups. xx

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