Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Around the Edges

Podcasts are my new obsession. Whether I am listening to an Auschwitz survivor recount his memories or a political blog about 45, podcasts get me through many long drives and even more early mornings. As I was recently listening to a podcast with Tim Ferris interviewing the author, Cheryl Strayed, she was speaking about how she binge writes. She talked about not writing for weeks or months, and then about how she will go check into a hotel and write for 48 hours straight. As Strayed recounted these writing binges, she noted that some of her best writing actually occurred around the messy and chaotic edges of her days. That phrase, “around the edges,” stuck out to me.
Around the edges. We spend so much time on the edges, even as we are always trying to get into the middle, into the thick of things. We are always trying to get to the next thing- the next level at work, the next ten pounds lost, the next, the next… My ex-boyfriend thought he could be happy six or nine months from now, but not until he got to the next level or the next.
What if the living that we do around the edges is indeed the good stuff? What if the writing that we sneak in between loads of laundry, the car rides to drop off kids in the mornings, and the living in between home renovations - what if all of the edges are truly the best part?
I am working on recognizing that this moment is possibly the best moment I get. I can strive to lose ten pounds or run a faster mile or finish the flooring in my house, but this moment living around the edges of the day is the magic. So, I shouldn’t wait to get to the next Next to be happy or satisfied or love my people better- I should do it right now, on today’s edge, even as my house is messy and my cold is in full force. Because today's chaotic edges are the good stuff.

Peace and love and living your bestest best right now, buttercups. xx


  1. I needed this today. Finding love on the edge!

  2. EJ, this is the first of your writings that I've read and I enjoyed it! For most of my life, and especially within the last 9 years, I've been a joyous and happy person, as I've been content with who I am and where I was in life; spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, professionally, etc. My FB profile statement reads, "don't wait... live!", as I truly agree with what you've shared; THIS MOMENT living around the edges of the day is the magic! - Stan


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