Monday, April 24, 2017

American Gods

"You are an analog girl, living in a digital world."
                                                      -Neil Gaiman

Peace and love and excellent novels and countdowns to American Gods, cupcakes. xx

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Pug Life

“We are not shit-eaters!”
God help me, my neighbors have probably heard me bellow this across my yard at Mutzie the Pug more mornings than I would like to admit. She usually looks up at me, from whatever she is munching, as if she my admonitions are ruining her morning snack.
Who, me? Pictures or it never happened. 
It’s a vicious cycle. She poops in the yard. The deer poop in the yard. Random woodland creatures poop in the yard. I scoop the poop, thinking of George Carlin’s musings about who really rules the world (hint: he didn’t think the ones holding the bags of poop were the rulers). And Mutzie makes it her life’s work to alert me to what I have missed by having it for her breakfast.
This has been a continuous source of shame for me, a feeling that I have failed as a dog owner. A good dog owner would not have a shit-eater, right? And then, yesterday happened. We took Bella the Puppy to a doggie daycare and boarding facility to get her acclimated for when I have to travel or be gone for long hours. Up on their chalkboard, amongst all of the notes on various dogs, was this:
                          “Beware: Ernest loves to eat poop!!!”
Suddenly, I no longer felt alone in my shame. Somewhere out there, other dog owners probably ran across the lawn in their pajamas, trying to prevent their doggies from partaking of the poop. I had kindred spirits out there- others who would understand the dread of a dog park or trail. There are no deep thoughts in this post, just the realization that it is nice not feel like I am the only person in the world who has used the words, “We are not shit-eaters in this household!”

Peace and love and pugs and pristine lawns, buttercups. xx

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today's Bucket List

I am done with DU in just a few weeks, unless I apply to grad school. Let’s be honest, I can actually tell you the hours I have left, not including drive time and studying hours. I have been amassing a bucket list of ALL of the things I want to do once I am living like a normal person again, without what amounts to two full-time jobs at once. My bucket list includes chasing storms, going to see my Mema, gardening, camping with my monkey, refinishing my cabinets, learning how to use my grill, actually seeing my friends, sleeping a normal amount, the Incline, going to the Farmers Market, reading for pleasure, and a million other things, large and small.
But this last quarter, I have realized that I cannot wait until I am done. I might make my first B’s this time around, and I might have to let things slide but I cannot wait one more day to tend to my garden and live my life. Soo, I have been doing the little things, interspersed here and there, while I also work and study. I have been cleaning up my yard, and amending soil for a garden. Planting wildflowers so that my side yard will be a rainbow of color. Reading for pleasure, in between ALL of the other reading. Writing for pleasure, in between all of the Capstone work and papers. Binge watching old Deadwood episodes (best dialogue and most creative cursing ever). Ordering an American Gods coloring book for the American Gods premiere, just to cement my nerdiness. Cooking- over the last three years, I forgot how much I like cooking and baking. Visiting friends. I decided that life is too short to have a bucket list of things to do someday, so I am doing them now.
That being said, I am redoing my floors on my lower level, so if anyone has that on their bucket list, give me a call <3

Peace and love and extra cream in your coffee and pleasure reading, buttercups. xx

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

                                             peace and love and patience, buttercups. xx

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some days.

Some days require a bit of bribery.
We head out to the trail every day, because we both need the exercise. She needs it because her border collie genes require that she runs about eighty miles a day on top of catching the ball six hundred times and herding everything with a pulse. I need it because it keeps me from sinking into dark valleys and because three years of full-time work and DU classes has taken a physical toll on my ass (literally and figuratively, and I am too frugal to just adjust and expand my wardrobe).
Some days are easier than others.
Some days, we both race to the trail like we have been counting the seconds before we could get there. And other days are a little more challenging. Those days, I need to clean house/do laundry/pay bills/deal with insurance companies/read for classes/write papers/apply to grad school/do yardwork/a million other things, and I want to do anything but head to the trail. And still other days, I just want to burrow under my covers and sleep in.
But still, we go. We might be faster and go further on the good days, and we might slog through on the challenging ones. But, no matter what, we go. And we will go tomorrow, and the next day, and the one after that. Because even if we are just slogging along, we are always better for it, and always glad we hit the trail. Even if one of us may require ample treats along the way.

Peace and love and treats and trails, buttercups. xx

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Around the Edges

Podcasts are my new obsession. Whether I am listening to an Auschwitz survivor recount his memories or a political blog about 45, podcasts get me through many long drives and even more early mornings. As I was recently listening to a podcast with Tim Ferris interviewing the author, Cheryl Strayed, she was speaking about how she binge writes. She talked about not writing for weeks or months, and then about how she will go check into a hotel and write for 48 hours straight. As Strayed recounted these writing binges, she noted that some of her best writing actually occurred around the messy and chaotic edges of her days. That phrase, “around the edges,” stuck out to me.
Around the edges. We spend so much time on the edges, even as we are always trying to get into the middle, into the thick of things. We are always trying to get to the next thing- the next level at work, the next ten pounds lost, the next, the next… My ex-boyfriend thought he could be happy six or nine months from now, but not until he got to the next level or the next.
What if the living that we do around the edges is indeed the good stuff? What if the writing that we sneak in between loads of laundry, the car rides to drop off kids in the mornings, and the living in between home renovations - what if all of the edges are truly the best part?
I am working on recognizing that this moment is possibly the best moment I get. I can strive to lose ten pounds or run a faster mile or finish the flooring in my house, but this moment living around the edges of the day is the magic. So, I shouldn’t wait to get to the next Next to be happy or satisfied or love my people better- I should do it right now, on today’s edge, even as my house is messy and my cold is in full force. Because today's chaotic edges are the good stuff.

Peace and love and living your bestest best right now, buttercups. xx

Greatest Love Story on Film.

Forget Dirty Dancing, Love Actually, and The Notebook. This. This is the love that I want.

Peace, love, daydreaming clouds, and love in the thick of your everyday living, buttercups. xx

Life moves fast

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