Friday, March 24, 2017

Rolling in the Right Now.

We said goodbye to two of the best dogs ever in the last eleven months. Gallup, the big Galumph, who never met a stranger. Eighty five pounds of yellow lab, he could become six thousand pounds of brute force pulling your arm out of socket if you happened to be holding a leash when he spied a squirrel. He liked to escape the house and yard to greet neighbors, and often turned up at one of the nearby restaurants because, well, FOOD. I still awaken sometimes, expecting to hear his old man snores and sighs, remembering as I gather my wits, that he has been gone for a while. 

And Lucky. My God. Lucky was a force to be reckoned with. He was wiry and prickly, and drove me absolutely nuts. That dog could destroy a piece of furniture if he thought that a crumb was under a cushion. He could sniff out a trash can in mere seconds, and spread coffee grounds and food across three levels of a house like an artist painting a canvas. His terrier teeth were legendarily sharp, and his bark was even sharper. He liked to pee on random things, sometimes a wall, and other times a fireplace hearth, and his favorite place to throw up was right by my bed, so I could step in it first thing in the morning. All of that, and I still fucking adored that dog. He was the most loyal being I have ever known, and he taught me more about loyalty and love than I understood. At the end, he went from prickly to sweet, and I spent several nights holding him like a baby, whispering sweet words to him through the hours and feeding him scrambled eggs and biscuits. Lucky was with me through the last nine years, and I still find myself calling for him before I remember that he is gone

                                                                                                                                                                    And then this girl. This girl fell into our laps. Nate and I knew we wanted another dog at some point, and that we didn't want Mutzie to be alone. I thought we would go with just one dog for a while, and
then eventually find a nice border collie or pit bull mix to adopt in the future. But someone introduced us to this girl, and she literally put her front legs around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder and sighed. Everyone around us sighed too, and that was that. Look at this face.

Bella is a six month old border collie dressed in a Labrador costume. She is so smart that it scares me- she knows sit/stay/lie down/drop it/no/shake/leave it/right here/come/treat and more. She brings me her leash to go for a walk. We can hide things and she finds them. She tries to walk Mutzie around the house with her leash, barking sternly if Mutzie doesn't walk with her. She already loves agility courses, snow, flip flops, and flushing toilets. 

And she is saving me. She gets me up at the crack of dawn to run. She drags me away from my books and screen to walk through the neighborhood, forcing me to notice birds and blades of grass. She gets me out of my head, where my thoughts often threaten to push me under the waves. And she reminds me of the importance of being present, rolling in the right now. That being said, she is not perfect. She ate a favourite flip flop and peed on my bed last night, just to remind me that she is a D-O-G and that I need to do laundry. 

Peace and love and loyalty and dogs, cupcakes. xx

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