Friday, March 17, 2017

Life in the Middle

As I sit here with my coffee this morning, two dogs are happily chewing toys at my feet. I have Willy Tea Taylor playing, and the trains are chugging along out the back door.
Major epiphany- not sure if it comes from being up since three this morning, or from this third cup of caffeine. I am right in the middle of everything. The middle is the good stuff- it’s messy and chaotic and awful and beautiful all rolled together in one big jumble. The middle is seeing people we love getting sick, and celebrating others getting well. It’s puppy breath in our face and teaching an excited teenager the joy of driving. It’s mourning losses and embracing the moment, all at once.
We always want to get to the next part, rushing along to when we lose ten pounds or feel better or finish a big project. Funny thing is, when we lose ten pounds or wean off of something or finish something else, we are still going to be right here in the middle, tempted to rush along to the next thing.
I think I am going to enjoy this messy middle. This moment, where I have a ton of yard work to do, ten weeks left in my journey at DU, loved ones who are sick, sweet messy dogs, and a teenager who wants to practice his parking. I am going to just relish the middle, because it may well be the best part of this life.

Peace and love and puppy breath and messy middles, buttercups. xx

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