Saturday, September 10, 2016

You got this.

Oh baby girl. College snuck up on us, didn’t it?

You made it, you went to your dorm, we promised that college was a new start, that you would get a fresh clean slate to start things, and that the whole world was your oyster. We actually said those things, didn’t we?

And yet, I think you went to bed last night feeling like nothing had changed and that you were stuck in the same old world. And you might wake up, feeling like you are still that same fourteen-year-old getting bullied, or the scared eighteen-year-old who was tired of high school drama.

Here’s the thing, cupcake. We lied to you.

We didn’t do it to be cruel. We didn’t do it on purpose. And yet, we lied to you.
Because you changed a place, but you are still YOU. You are still a messy McMess. You are still surrounded by messy imperfect people, and all of you are still works in progress.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is that you have the chance and the hope of a new start to be a better you. A clean slate, where you get to redefine who you are and who you want to be. You can stay the exact same or you can decide that you want to be different. You can decide you want to become a Republican vegan or a Green Party ultra-marathoner or a purple-haired volunteer at the local food pantry. You get to decide exactly who you want to be, and that is where college is a sorta new start, versus the same ol'school where kids have known you since you were nine.

Don’t like the kids you have been hanging out with and going to parties with? Well then. Wake up, stretch your arms, say “I’VE GOT THIS,” even if your voice shakes, and walk your yoga pants butt over to the Adventure Center and sign up for a kayaking trip.

I could give you a million different scenarios like this, in my irritating Pollyanna way, but they would just make you roll your eyes and sigh. I won’t do that to you, unless you want me to. My point is, college is not truly a shiny new slate. What college is, is the possibility and hope for you to choose new and do new for yourself.  You aren’t stuck with the same kids that you have known for ten years, and you are not trapped by the small town whispers and preconceptions.

Take this day, dust yourself off, do something that is good for you and that possibly feels a little scary, and make this day YOURS.

You got this, cupcake.

Peace and love and bravery and a messy, hopeful you. xx

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