Monday, January 11, 2016


How is it 2016 already, people??

I don't have resolutions. EVER. I suck so badly at resolutions, that I get everything out of the way as quickly as possible. Baileys in my coffee with a buttery syrupy waffle on the side after I sleep in. A well placed curse word, and an inner promise to return to the gym when everyone else's resolutions fade.

I do try to concentrate on a single word that I want to work on or embody over a year.  I had a hard time coming up with a word for 2016. Kept trying to make words fit, but discarding them when I knew they were not just right.

Finally I woke up one morning with a word emblazoned in my noggin. The word.


I am going to work on being brave this year. In my choices for myself. In my work, whether I stay or change. In my relationships with my loved ones. In advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. In standing up for what I believe in.


Ooooh, and I am going to lighten up on caffeine. Get more sleep. Eat more veggies. Actually go to Yoga and Pilates. Travel to Argentina with a best friend, and to exotic places with my family. Beat my son at Chess. Write more than articles and research papers. See my sister and mom more, because sistering is so important. Quit dating for a while-between the guy who thought Febreze was hygiene and the last guy, I am out, out and OUT. Meditate. Connect. Be present. Pay off debt. Hula hoop more. Finish painting my walls. Build literal fences while tearing down some theoretical ones. Spend less time looking at my phone, and more time looking at the amazing faces in front of me.

We are not calling those resolutions. We are calling 'em a life plan.

Peace and love and bravery with your morning caffeine, cupcakes. XOXO

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