Monday, May 18, 2015


No Mother's Day post from me this year. I was too busy mothering. And I actually spent the day being incredibly grateful for all of the mamas I am surrounded by and for the two monkeys who made me a mama.
Mother's Day- we are surrounded by the Hallmark version replete with cards and flowers and Coach bags and mimosas. These things are great- I am never going to refuse champagne nor a fine leather bag. But those things are not what Mother's Day is about. Mother's Day is about mothering.
Mothering is about getting down and dirty in the trenches. Mothering is having someone crawl into your lap to 'cuddle' and immediately throw up a pound of green grapes all over you. All. Over. You.
Mothering is staying up til sunrise, with a croupy kiddo. Going from a steamy hot shower to the cold Colorado air, so they can breathe.
Mothering is having your heart break when your kiddos hurt. Every crack in their shell will crack you more.
Mothering is teaching your son to shave because there is no one else to do it. It involves googling "how to shave." (Don't do this, cupcakes, because there are a whole lotta things that get shaved that you do not want video tutorials of. My eyes still burn.) Copious amounts of shaving cream, sharp razors, and awkward laughter are also involved.

Mothering is wanting to keep them safe in the nest, but trying to teach them to spread their wings.
Mothering is embracing your monkeys being themselves, even if it not what you envisioned. It's encouraging them to let their freak flags fly, instead of fitting into the narrow confines of what they are "supposed to do."
Mothering is trying to teach your daughter that she has value high above the number of Instagram likes she gets, and above how people constantly comment on her looks.
Mothering is trying to teach your son that real men show emotion, and that being a real man involves being gentle and good instead of steamrolling or bullying.
Mothering is attempting to model being a good human every day, and admitting when you fall short.
Mothering is only stealing the pieces of Halloween candy that they don't love, because no self-respecting kid will actually eat Raisinets.
Mothering is buying your monkeys shoes when they need them, even if your shoes are as old as your single status.
Mothering is trying to be better and gentler every single day, because they are watching and learning from you.

Happy LATE Mother's Day, cupcakes. Peace and love and raisinets and quality shaving cream.

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