Monday, April 20, 2015

Three Peas

Years ago, when my divorce was still fresh and new, I decided that the monkeys and I needed a motto for our little family of three. This decision probably came about when the kids were fighting and picking at each other on a snowy day. In my climbing of the walls, and my new-agey touchy feely thinking, I probably thought that having a family motto or credo would bring them together to be kind and sing "Kumbaya" while clasping hands.
This didn't happen. I recall the fight actually grew because they hated each other's ideas. After much compromise, we ended up with some strange thing about being Three Peas in a Mailbox. That is another story, but it has stuck through the years. Every birthday or Mother's Day, I get something related to the three, and it is always the best present. 
Because, even after all these years, we are still our tight little family of three. We tried the whole blended family thing with shattering results. We've thought about adding a fourth to our family, but we always come back to our core three. One, two, three. Three peas in a mailbox. 

I try to remember this when parenting and adulting are challenging. Because they have been more than challenging lately. I've recently thought of how nice it would be to lean on someone or have someone else to occasionally do the heavy lifting. I've been so overwhelmed and life has been difficult for the monkeys (Side note, there are some wicked brutal kids out there these days). I have yelled, which is not my normal go to, and I have had fleeting thoughts of running away. When everything seems impossible, I'd like to go back to bed or crawl into my pillow fort, but these options are apparently not feasible.
So I pull out the various Three Peas pieces, and remember that this is what I need and this is what I do it all for. This tight, close, messy, chaotic, transparent little family of mine. We are enough. And we are strong enough together to do this thing. Just the three of us.Three Peas in a Mailbox.

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