Sunday, October 12, 2014

Putting Summer to Rest

We got ready for winter today. Put the garden to bed, stacked firewood for the stove that I now know how to use, and otherwise planned for what looks like a long winter. 

It's days like these, when the snow starts swirling in the late afternoon, that I remember I am truly a Texan at heart. As I pull out warm wool sweaters, jackets and thick scarves, I find myself checking the weather reports and real estate listings in Texas.  I could handle sticky heat and cedar fever much better than I can handle below freezing October nights.

On that note, putting the garden to bed always feels good. Even as I know there is no more eating carrots or spicy mustard greens straight from the garden, I love taking care of each plot in the chilly morning.

Remains of the Rainbow Chard...

One more of the Rainbow Chard, little bites of heaven

This is where the Composting magic happens.

Gate to the garden, with a photobombing Luna. XO

No more Chard, plenty of compost, and we got done right before the freezing rain started. Now, as I write my paper for one of my classes, I find myself flipping from heirloom seed websites to Texas realtor pages. And so it is, being a displaced Texan in a beautiful Winter wonderland. 

Peace and love and Rainbow Chard and warm weather, cupcakes. XOXO

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