Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life's Learning Moments

Things I have learned today...

Unconditional love is going to the mall for my sixteen-year-old. As if carrying her for what felt like thirty months, driving myself to the hospital in the middle of the most active tornado night in Oklahoma's history to give birth amidst swirling funnel clouds, wasn't enough, I went to the mall for her today. Those things still exist. They still have Orange Julius and that greasy pizza place.  I love my cupcake enough that I went to get what she needed. I dodged Dairy Queen and the guy hawking skin care. I noticed how many people still go to the mall. I thought they kinda died out a decade ago. Regardless, this is love on the scale with giving birth, staying up entire nights to ward away the boogeyman, and being a lion mama of unparalleled ferocity.

Forty-eight hours being Facebook free is going smashingly well. Except for two things. One, I probably should have given more thought to swearing off of dating (more on that in a future post) and deleting my Facebook at the same time. I equate it to giving up coffee and wine at the same time. Or swearing off of walking and talking, if I give in to the drama queen portion of myself. The last forty-eight hours have involved a fair amount of soul searching, introspection, and literal cleaning house. The second thing is my Spotify music account. Spotify is one of my favoritest things in the world. It has my running lists, my chill lists, my random songs that I love. It is indelibly linked to my Facebook account, and I can only access it by activating my FB account. The only way that I can log into my account is through Facebook. I actually contacted Spotify (awesome customer service, btw :)), and they told me that I could start from scratch if I wanted to disentangle myself from Facebook. That is trauma, buttercups. I have hundreds of songs on dozens of playlists, and they all go away if I commit to that option. This may be worse than giving up dating.

Octomouse. Damn Octomouse. She survived the night. There was a scuffle with two dogs around two o'clock this morning, but she fared better than either dog, my desk or my computer. I went and bought some old-fashioned traps, some non-lethal traps, steel wool, some sort of sound-emitting, rodent-repelling thing, and a Red Bull. The woman checking my groceries actually commented on my Red Bull, "Are you trying to make its heart stop?" Yeah, no. I just gave up dating, Facebook, and I have a rodent living behind my shoes. Don't judge me.

On the up side, my house is really organized after the last forty-eight hours. Octomouse is only getting into any food if she has opposable thumbs. My paper for a class is written and re-written. I know no new gossip or anything that is socially interesting but I can talk about last night's Blacklist and tonight's SOA. So, life is good.

And this happened...

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