Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello, buttercups!

So much going on that I can barely wrap my head around things. I have been like an old lady who needs a pill box and possibly a "Help, I've Fallen" panic button. I have to-do lists, sticky notes, lists on Evernote, and stuff written on my hand for those moments when I cannot access any of the above.

That being said, GOOD things are going on. Signing up for classes this summer, planning trips to and fro with the monkeys, and BUYING A HOUSE. Yep, buying my very own house. All by myself. No one else. I have owned houses in the past, several, but they have always been with someone else. So this is kind of my first baby in a way.

I thought about not saying anything and keeping it a secret until it closes, in case something falls through. Superstitious, and scared to put myself out there, maybe. However, I remembered that months ago, I wrote that my word for 2014 was 'authentic'. Authentic means real and transparent and putting myself out there. Damnations.

My friend Pat and Superteen were both at the inspection. Keeping it real, and Pat, an amazing chef, reassured me that this is a workable kitchen in the house. Whew.

So, here we are... My offer was accepted, and I had my inspection on Monday went smashingly. Now, for all of the fun stuff, appraisals and loan shenanigans. Loans have changed a LOT since my last house. First, one income versus two, LOL. Second, they want to know what moon my firstborn was born under and the history of my banking transactions since 2002. If I deposit a birthday check or move money from one checking account to another, this matters with the loan process. I guess it is to make sure that I am not laundering money for a cartel, or robbing banks, but I really just have a lot of accounts for random things. If the NSA and loan companies could get together instead of asking me for documents, they would probably save a lot of time and trees.

My inspector, Bruce. I learned a ton, laughed a lot, and he had peanut butter candies for me. Winning.

No pictures yet, saving those for when we close, so we can do before and afters :).  This house has been well taken care of and is a blank slate. It is absolutely screaming for color and paintings and pictures and flowers, and is going to be a safe and happy home for the monkeys and me. And our door will always be open for anyone who stops by for a glass of wine.

My surrogate Realtor, Tyler. I don't think he was expecting the inspection to be quite so entertaining...


  1. Are you still in the hood or have you moved to one of the other areas? Also, McCord's is ready to take your money for yard-prettying-upping. AND! I have garlic if you want some to plant this fall.

  2. I am going to be about two blocks from su casa. Which means I can just come steal your garlic, versus the hardship of planting my own. Ahem.


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