Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Au then tic i ty.  /oTHen’tisitee/ The quality of being authentic.

Au then tic. /o’THen tik/  Real or  genuine, not copied or false.

Keeping it real, authentic, cupcakes.

I confess. I make New Year’s Resolutions. I know it is encouraged to make fun of and mock people who make them; we are a jaded bunch of jerks when it comes to mocking hope. But I confess that I make them. Something about Day One of a new year is like fresh fallen snow. I want to be the one to sink my boots in and make tracks. Even if my tracks only go a few hundred feet, I want to sink into the new.

Fresh snow.

My resolutions are quite different than the norm. I know I will screw up the “losetenpoundslosetwentypoundsquitcursingeatmyveggiesorganizemyhouse” resolutions, so I intentionally drop an F bomb, eat chocolate chips,  and load extra creamer in my coffee on New Year’s Day. No, I make funky resolutions. Run a race a month with my monkey. Hike to our favorite spot every other weekend and take a selfie. Not in a duck-faced selfie kinda way, but to see how our favorite spot and our faces change over the course of a year. Watch a TED talk a day. Be authentic.

Some of these are easier than others. TED talk a day. Easy. And fascinating. I have relearned how to tie my shoe, how to be vulnerable, about algorithms in love, how Oklahoma City lost a million pounds, and so much more. It is only January 14th, so I am thinking there is a lot left to learn.

Authenticity. This one is hard. Hard, hard, hard. Being true and genuine to who I am, when I was raised to be a good girl, a people pleaser. These two don’t always go together, buttercups. I am trying it, recognizing I want to be the Robynest Robyn I can be, but I may trample on someone else’s fresh snow as I attempt authenticity. I am trying to temper true and genuine with gentleness.

We’ll see how it works out. The nice thing about resolutions is that every day is a fresh start. A fresh snow, ready to jump into. With my chocolate chips and an F bomb.

Peace and love and snow and extra creamer in your coffee, buttercups. XOXO

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