Monday, June 3, 2013

One with the blueberry.


One of my favoritest (If Sarah Palin can make up words, so can I...) people struggles mightily with insomnia. Not just a little bit of restless legs or to-do lists on his mind, but full on trying to function on an hour or two a night.

He has tried everything, with varying degrees of failure. His newest thing is awareness. Mindfulness. He was telling me about it today, and talking about being aware in everything that he does, especially what he eats. Really tasting every bite that he eats, and appreciating what he is tasting.

While  the Insomniac was telling me about eating mindfully, I unsuccessfully tried to hide the container that I had hurriedly scarfed my sammich from. I pointedly put my Lavender Kombucha in between us, as if waving a flag of mindfulness to make up for said sammich scarfing. Let's be honest, you HAVE to be aware and mindful to appreciate Kombucha- otherwise you would think someone was giving you fizzy vinegar to poison you.

Later, I was eating my blueberries, and he brought up the mindfulness again.

I know, they are blackberries. I ATE the blueberries, okay?!

Me- "I am one with my blueberries."

Favorite Insomniac- Laughs. Then earnestly, "Really?"

Me- "Ummmm, yeah. No. Really, no. If I think about blueberries, they are kinda gross, pop-squishing in your mouth. But I am totally down with being one with blackberries and raspberries."

Favorite Insomniac- Laughs. Probably is aware that he wants to throw my blueberries at me.

Me- "They were organic though. So there."

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  1. I'm glad you pointed out that you know the blackberries are not blueberries because I was concerned about your ability to identify fruit and was wondering if that became a problem at the grocery store or when tasting berries in the wild. But now I know you know and I feel secure that you will not accidentally purchase the wrong berry or, worse, ingest the wrong berry up by the reservoirs.


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