Tuesday, May 21, 2013



At a recent gathering of women, there was one woman whom I did not know. I started talking to her because she was just standing off to the side.

Asked her if she had kids. Yes. Close to Timesboy's age. Asked where they went to school. The school  that we tried last year for the monkey and pulled him out of because it was such a milquetoast experience. I didn't say this because everyone is different and we all have different experiences. She then asked me where Timesboy went, and when I told her, she wrinkled her nose and said she wouldn't put her kids there. Dumbass me, I was curious.

Why? Oh, because they dumb the curriculum down there so much in comparison to the school her kids go to and all of the other schools in our state. At which point, I tried the mature "Wow, that is really interesting because we have not had that experience at all. Timesboy has had a wonderful experience and is doing great in the GT program with his learning."

Cue to Douchecanoe to stop talking.

She did not get it. "Oh, the GT program there isn't even the regular program at other schools."

Really? So, even though a lot of school board member's kids and grandkids go this school, it is subpar in an excellent school district? The GT program is subpar for my fourth-grader who is testing in the 99.5% percentile on state tests and doing 7th grade math for fun?

Another cue to Douchecanoe to stop talking.

She did not get it. "Oh, I don't mean anything by it. I think they just dumb it down because of all of the poor people there."


No more cues to Douchecanoe. Some people are just assholes, no matter how many rhinestones and crosses they slather on. Funny thing is, this person owns a business in the same small town that she was slamming right and left. I think I would rather pull my pubes out with tweezers than support her business.

After wanting to smack my head against the wall in frustration, I realized that I love the little town that she was slamming. I adore the little school and am continuously in awe of how amazing all of our teachers and staff are. And even though I may live in a poor town and send my monkey to an "inferior" school (Yep, that word was actually used), I much prefer that to being a Douchecanoe.

I also obviously like the word Douchecanoe. Thanks for the highbrow vocab, Bloggess and RedheadWriting. :-)

Poor Peace and Love, Buttercups. XOXO

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  1. Now I want to know what this business is in case I've been frequenting it and should not be doing so!


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