Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catnip, Creativity, and a Neon Cathedral.

Random Post.  Just a few things that I am watching, reading, listening to, and loving...

This woman. She is me, and she is you. She is your sister, your best friend, that woman who you see every day at school dropoff. She just writes it better than most of us. My friend Julie told me about her weeks ago, and I could not find her book , no matter how hard I looked on Amazon. Her blog fell into my lap, pure serendipity, and I cannot stop reading her words. (Oh, and I was looking for the wrong book on Amazon. Oopsie.).

 Macklemore. This guy is pure creativity, poetry, and hard truths, all with catchy hooks. Get beyond the poppin'tags and listen to Same Love and Neon Cathedral. Wow....

Brene Brown. Vulnerability. This is a hard one, but important. I tend to prefer tucking in and protecting to being open and vulnerable, but Brene Brown is spot on.

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My friend. And really, her cats are this deadly. Two words. Catnip. Melatonin.

All right, peeps. These are my loves today. Peace and love and mushy patience.  XOXOXO

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  1. OH! THIS explains EVERYTHING (if everything = my one question) - I was wondering why I kept getting hits from your blog on my blog because the two don't link up. NOW it makes sense.
    And thank goodness I have had no more towhee experiences...lately.

    I like listening to Brene Brown but I could not not not make it through her book. I think she has a couple of books, actually. I only tried the most recent and just couldn't do it. Because I am a hard-hearted person, it seems.

    And Momastery! She's blowing up! You're, like, the fifth person in my circles to bring her up lately. Huh. Maybe I should start stalking her, too, because heaven knows I don't have enough stalkees. :/


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