Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Knock Knock....

Insurance. What a conundrum this is. I have spent the last four hours- FOUR HOURS- on the phone, online, trying to unravel and understand their terminology, trying to find appropriate providers, trying to pay bills, trying to get anything done. Four hours, trying to get someone to clarify a legal definition of 'usual and customary' that they apply to their decisions to pay or not pay. Good times.

Usual and customary, my arse.

Insurance companies decide to pay on claims based on what is "usual and customary" in your area. There is no one that I have come into contact with who can define this for me. Does it mean "usual and customary" in Denver? In the midwest? For normal healthy children? For someone in the same demographic with the same diagnosis? For North America? For what and for whom?

Apparently, they don't know. I don't know. Google doesn't know. The insurance website and customer case manager don't know.

I have excellent insurance, a plan that makes most of my friends green with envy. I am very grateful that I have insurance because it opens doors that might otherwise slam shut.  However, opening those doors should not require four hours of secret handshakes, whispered codewords, and headstands. Just let me walk through the door and take care of business. Period.

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