Monday, February 4, 2013

Reality Trumps the Fairy Tale

This happened.

The monkey boy writes random little snippets in the strangest places, as if he has to ground the thoughts  in reality before they float away.

This one, I found in a random spiral notebook. I was going through the piles that inevitably build up and reproduce, making sure there was nothing tax-related or important. And I found this.

Once upon, crossed out hard, and replaced by a simple truth. Almost like the monkey was saying, in a ten-year-old, non-cussing way, "fuck the fairy tale."

We grow up with all of those "once upon a times" and they kind of set us up for failure. There are very few daddies who are kings, and even fewer princes waiting with the life-giving kisses. Lots of frogs and trolls, more than enough of the wicked stepmonsters and warty stepsisters.  And plenty of really good villagers and politically incorrect dwarves.

Reality might well be where it's at. If we stick to the simple truths, to what really is, we might be much better off than looking for the 'once upon a time'. Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. wonderful but not life-restoring. Sometimes a bully is just a bully, and there is no jeweled crown that will fix that. Sometimes, a mean girl is a mean woman who brings other mean women into the world. (Party tip, don't eat their apples, even if you are not in a fairy tale).  More often than not, we are surrounded by good villagers and politically incorrect dwarves who write the happy endings to our chapters.

Today was a rough day. Second hardest day of my entire thirty-eight years. I wanted the fairy tale, the 'once upon' that ends happily. Didn't happen.

What did happen was a chess game of sorts that takes an awful lot of concentration. And support from a lot of wonderful friends. Thank you for the best wishes 'rushing towards me', the 'peace swirling all around me', 'good vibes' and so much more. you, buttercups, are better than any fairy tale.

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