Friday, November 2, 2012


You darlings with all of your 'days of thankfulness'- what is this, November or something?


Good lord, thirty days of saying what I am thankful for? EVERY day?

Yeah, like that is going to happen. My little microbursts of gratitude are fast and fleeting- an appreciation for the fiery sunsets or a little happy dance for the perfect dry cappuccino.

But, here, I can list fifteen things right this second that I am thankful for. Timesboy's rendition of Gangham Style when he thinks no one is watching. Steamrolling Superteen at night and hearing her protest and giggle like a little kid. Gingered carrot soup. Kale and pear salad. Funky fake coffee creamers in disgustingly sweet flavors-nomnomnom on the white Chocolate mocha and the pumpkin pie latte ones. My mama-always full of gratitude for my mama, for putting up with me and loving the unloveable me. Down comforters on cool mornings. Badass new running shoes that make sure nothing hurts except muscles after a run. My computer-keys to freedom. Pandora Radio- I can choose anything from Marley to Mumford and Sons. Cafemom- affirming my choice to write every day. Vitamin Water Zero Drive-that stuff is like crack, but with vitamins and caffeine. Pumpkin anything- whether it is pumpkin soup or baked pumpkin or a pumpkin smoothie from Jamba Juice. Freedom to travel-my passport promises adventures. My friends-all of em, for loving me and for being so stinking lovable. My badge from work- a daily reminder of what an amazing company I get to be a part of, even on the days that I want to run away from numbers.  And my rock-teaching me unconditional love through thick and thin, teaching me to love beyond what I thought I was capable of loving. I am better and blessed for ALL of these things and people.

Now, back to snark. My thankfulness bank is paid up through the fifteenth, with two days thrown in, just because. Peace and mushy gushy stuff, y'all!

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  1. Completely unrelated:
    I got a blog award last week and I'm supposed to share the love so I'm sharing it with you, which you can confirm by reading about it here -
    And also, those are all good things to be thankful for.


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