Monday, October 29, 2012

If the shoe fits.

Happy Monday, peeps!

Life lessons I have already learned on this brisk Monday morning? Hmmmm.

One, I really hate when Superteen takes her iPod to school. I am stuck running with Keb Mo and Mumford and Sons. Nice music, not so much for moving your arse.

Two, I forget I have mildish asthma. Until I run in colder air at altitude. I suddenly remember said asthma and expired inhalers, as I feel knives twisting in my lungs.

Three, I have been so busy with being busy that I have neglected running these last few weeks. My lungs burning, my arse burning, and my legs getting weebly wobbly- I love that feeling. I need to remember that I love it.

Four, there is no better time for thinking than when you are running. Especially when your music is slow and thoughtful. Lots of time this morning for deep thoughts, and I feel a long blog post coming on....

And finally, Not even my new shoes could make me forget how stupid traipsing up a cactus-filled hillside in Toms this weekend was. Stupid. Stupid.

But the new shoes? They hafta be about five ounces each- feathers on my feet. And that, my friends, is a good Monday morning.

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