Monday, October 8, 2012


Fifteen days.

I am ready to be a little less encumbered by stuff. Stuff- knickknacks and tchotchkes. Books I will never read again. The sweater I got on sale that just isn't quite right for me. Leftovers from another life that I have hung onto out of some sort of obligation.

However, I am ready to lighten up. Ready to move on. I recognize that I get overwhelmed by this process, so I am taking baby steps.

Fifteen things for fifteen days. Doing the math, that is two hundred and twenty-five things. Surely, donating/trashing/giving away two hundred and twenty-five things will simplify our lives. Less stuff for the monkeys to pick up, less stuff for me to dust, and less stuff for the dawgs to knock over. I am hoping that less stuff means more time to do what we love and to do what matters.

Today is day one. Those sweaters, all fifteen of them, have got to go...


  1. Aw, man! I wish this had been on the 29th - the Castle Rock library had a clothing swap, only you didn't have to take anything if you didn't want to. All leftovers went to the task force. That would have been an awesome way to get rid of sweaters.

  2. Darn it... I remember the days when I could fit everything I owned in my little mazda truck (AKA Smokey). I kinda miss those unencumbered days :-)

  3. Yeah, I lived like that for a year. It was both amazing and horrible. I was very creative at making do. However, I'd miss my shoes if I had to do it again.


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