Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching Up

Soooo, this weekend was a ton of fun. Superteen has a lot, A LOT, of homework that she has to get caught up on. Freshman year is difficult, and remembering to turn things in on top of navigating lockers/boys/lunchroom/social hierarchy/fashion is amazingly challenging.

She thinks I don't remember this, but I do. I have much more vivid memories of my outfit for the first day of school than the memories of the Bill of Rights or of Diophantine equations. I don't even try to convince Superteen of this, because I also remember the epic eye roll I would have executed if my own mother had tried to say she remembered. (Pick yo' battles, peeps.)

Anyhoo, we played catchup this weekend. When I say 'we', I truly mean 'WE', because I got the lessons also. Civics- we ALL need to dust off a history book and reread. Superteen and I went through the Bill of Rights, twenty-seven amendments and a pile of court cases. I daresay most of us can only name a couple of amendments, and none in their entirety. I went through that entire document, and felt a little embarrassed by how much I take certain liberties for granted. Reading through court cases, I am reminded that people fought for our freedoms, not just in battlefields, but also in courtrooms and classrooms.

My point, cupcakes, is that we all need to educate ourselves. Not with pundits on the news channels that agree with our views, but with a copy of the Bill of Rights. With history books, written far enough removed so as not to be myopic. With retellings by our forefathers, be they founders of our country or our grandparents with their WWII tales.

Peace and love and mush!  


  1. Very very true Robyn. Best quote I have ever read and I have seen it throughout history of the civilized world is "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it" by George Santayana. So study up little SuperTeen and you will be ahead of the class. :)

  2. I really appreciated your comment,..."I am reminded that people fought for our freedoms, not just in battlefields, but also in COURTROOMS and CLASSROOMS." Thank you for that observation!


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