Sunday, September 16, 2012

Texas Love

Tanning AND barbecue. Because those go well together.

Yep. That is weird.

Tire Guy- I had forgotten about this!

Stillwater Mesa

Commie's Tacos- No Russian Flags or Symbols, but...
These are just my oddball pictures. What an amazing weekend this was- from midnight street tacos to Jumbo Groans' BBQ Ribs to an aaah-mazing brunch overflowing with Mimosas and kale salad (Yep, I can even find kale in Texas, buttercups.) with the Leveretts to seeing faces I have missed. I am reminded that friendship transcends time, and that the years go by too quickly. That, and that I will always be a Texas girl. Even if I cannot bring myself to say "Fixing to" or "All y'all". Ever.

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