Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a weekend!

What a weekend this was...

I did picklebacks with Jesus.

Steuben's special. Jameson's with a chaser of pickle juice.
Yep, that really is a drink. And I now know that you could drink ANYTHING and pickle juice will completely kill the taste. I am still undecided on whether this is a good or a bad thing.

And confession...
That was not really Jesus. It is just Cliff in a cool bowling shirt. But doing shots with Jesus sounds like way more fun, right?

I also found this charming old relic.

For those of you born after 1980, this is a phone. A Rotary Dial Phone. Good times.

It works. Seriously!!! Apparently, room service tastes better when ordered on a rotary dial phone. Or so I hear.

But, wait... There is more!! I got dive bombed by a pigeon with some serious IBS issues. I had been saying that I needed new pants, and this brutal bird attack sped up the shopping spree. My favorite old jeans? They are now in a dumpster somewhere, along with my favorite green tee. I am not usually wasteful, but I can assure you. After how that feathery rat violated my clothing, I was never going to wear those clothes again. Ever.  On a related note, Express on the 16th Street Mall is having a killer denim sale.

The weekend also included a trip up Mount Evans. Beautiful, beautiful, and a wee bit chilly. Tons of switchbacks, which are a blast on two wheels, and absolutely jaw-dropping scenery. Along with several dozen of these...

That stereotype of sheep being dim-witted? Yeah, it is true. Cute, but not so quick.

And I leave you with this picture. I am not a professional photographer, but you get the picture...

From the Mount Evans Summit. Gorgeous!!

Peace and love and pickle juice, friends. With or without the Jameson's...

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  1. The idea of pickle shots still gives me squeebie weebies. Ick.
    Does the phone work? It looks like it's on a slab of marbled cheddar and that makes me hungry.
    I take it Cliff is a "Big Lebowski" fan? Or was he not aware of the Jesus bowling shirt thing?
    Also, that mountain goat looks like it has little angel wings.
    Finally, I strongly feel you should update this post with the picture of lettuce because it would bring everything around to the beginning (shots/drunken frizzy headed woman) and that's just clever.


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