Monday, August 27, 2012

Family we make

"Friends are the family that we choose."

I love this saying. I have friends that are my family. Friends that I would donate a kidney to, walk through fire for, and spy on bad boyfriends with. I have friends who have known me since my buck-toothed, bad bangs perm days. Friends who have held my hand through the bad and the heartbreak, and are there through all of the sickness- they are my strength when I am weak. Friends who have kicked my arse into gear when I need it, in a loving way.

And I have the family that I am pretty sure I would want to be friends with, even if we didn't have the same ancestors. I was blessed to spend time with both over the past few days- the family-friends I was born with and the friends-family I choose.

My Mema- one of my favoritest people ever...

Brooke and Greg (okay,  half of Greg), family I would definitely seek out as friends !

Sooooo, this is just me, saying I am blessed with my friends/family. Besos y amor desde el fondo de mi corazon! <3

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