Friday, August 31, 2012

A million excuses....

I have a million excuses. Achy throbbing IT band. A pill that my (not-so-helpful-but-well-intentioned) doctor put me on that made me hurt with every step. Twelve hour workdays/commutes. Overwhelming stuff on the homefront. The desire to pull the feather comforter over my head. Coyotes outside in the morning. Pitbulls chasing after us, stopped only by the grace of God. Forgetting my running shoes. Buying good running shoes that are actually really bad running shoes.

Cute laces, but WORSTEST shoes ever...

And the list could go on for miles...

Today, I am off of work, and promised myself that I must run. No matter what. No excuses. So I had a lazy morning with Timesboy after Superteen left at the crack o'dawn for high school. I wrote for two hours. And then, in the midmorning sun, after mentally testing out a couple of plausible excuses, I ran.

And I ran. I ran/slogged/shuffled three and a half miles and it hurt a little bit. Honestly, it sucked but it sucked in a good way. I am home, my face is flushed, and my legs are burning from the uphill ending. My feet hurt. I am a sweaty mess. And I plan on doing it again tomorrow. And the next day and the next day. No excuses. Unless a pigeon unloads on me again, because that was a game-ender.

Oh, and PS, I love Clif Shot Energy Gels. Those things are aaaaah-mazing. In a completely processed and manufactured kinda way...


  1. You go, girl! I know the feeling, but it's easy to fight once you realize how GREAT you feel when you run. :)

  2. Darling post and boy, oh boy, can I relate! Your insight helped me see very clearly what the difference is between winners and losers....Your winning attitude has inspired me! Thanks!

  3. But not winning in a Charlie Sheen 'winning' sort of way. Because my Mema and my monkey occasionally read this blog, and that would be veddy veddy inappropriate.


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