Sunday, July 22, 2012

The beet goes on.

Tell me you don't want a salad right this second... I dare you.

Superteen said my shadow ruined an otherwise artistically perfect shot, but I think the beautiful veggies overshadow my shadow. So there. 

I had a hand in growing those gorgeous greens. Okay, maybe a pinky. I follow directions and sing (softly) to them as I water and gaze at their beauty, but Wendy and Carol deserve the credit for 99% of the magic. Anyhoo, we have fennel and watercress. Tomatoes and chile peppers. Squash and beets. The list goes on....

Coup on Etsy- check out her tees!

And I don't know why my greens give me the urge to show you my newest tee-shirt order, but they do. And it is my bloggy universe, so I can.

Peace and beets and greens, XOXOXO


  1. Gorgeous garden, Robyn. And I want the tee, too!

  2. We harvested the garden this past weekend. It will be ready for consumption in two weeks and ready to plant in the fall! <3

  3. I know, Susie! I have been eating the greens straight out of the garden- YUM!!!

    And, Chico's person, I just want some of your garlic :-)


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