Sunday, July 1, 2012

July First

I have not been blogging lately because I have been too busy BEING.

Busy watching the fire burn. Busy being obsessed with percentages contained, acres burning, wind speeds and directions, numbers of homes burned, weathermen advising, politicians pontificating. Busy sifting through all of our stuff, figuring out what to take when we were under pre-evacuation. (For those who don't know, pre evac means be ready. Seriously ready. You might not be evacuated or you might move to a mandatory evac with ten minutes to get out.) Busy trying to be practical by grabbing documents-birth certificates, divorces decrees, passports, etc. Busy being practical by packing underwear and dog food and stuff we would need in the immediate future. Busy getting lost in the details, wanting to grab the birdhouse my Pepa made, the quilt my great grandmother made, pillowcases my Mema made, lovey dove sentimental things...

But now, we are free of the pre-evacuation notice. Even as the bulldozers are only a couple of miles away digging 'lines in the sand' for the possibility of the fire turning, my heart feels freer than it has in days. My eyes may still be burning from the lingering smoke and my every belonging may smell like a bad campfire/incense, but I don't feel the fear that has been crushing for days.

And life goes on. Superteen goes back to seven more days of Wilderness Camp, Timesboy revels in being a stinky boy- bike riding, archery, frisbee, knife throwing (ummmm, yeah. We had a come-to-Jesus talk about THAT one...). Laundry piles up, bills beckon to be paid, gardens keep growing, outdoor running resumes (albeit with the knowledge that the smoke is definitely still present. I have decided it has to be better than whatever crap they are pumping into the gym to mask the smoke odor...), dinner parties and writing groups pick back up. Life. Goes. On.

That being said, if you see a firefighter, hug them! One, because they are heroes and saved our city from what could have been an unchecked devastation, and two, because they are usually hotties ;-)

Palmer Lake Reservoir, just thought you peeps would need a pic of the coolness we hold dear...

Peace and love and ice cubes and cool drinks and breezes, y'all! XOXO


  1. On our ride home from CA, we made a priority list - things to get out of the home given certain time limitations. If we have all the time in the world, there are five lists to get through. If we have only moments, the only things that HAVE to leave the house with us are the cats and my 100-year-old Christmas cactus. I know my priorities are a bit weird, but I also know how to get all my paperwork back and I know that after I die, all those memories I made, all those pictures I took and notes I kept and drawings from children aren't going to amount to anything to anyone else so aren't that important in the grand scheme of things. They're all Priority 3, by the way, except for the scrapbooks. They got bumped up to P2 because they're easy to transport.
    We're keeping all the P1 and P2 things packed and ready, just in case. If we don't get our rains, it will be a hot, dry, fiery summer.
    And just so's ya know? Our neighbor is a firefighter. He's been up at the High Park fire for the past two weeks but shipped out to WY today. I'll send a hug his way for you. :)

  2. Chico's person,

    I hear you! I thought it would be easier to pack stuff up but I got lost in the details. Less my kids' art because they can redo things :-) and more the things left by people who are no longer here. Bad seventies quilt, pillowcases with hand painted jack-and-jill figures, a flag that my Pepa gave Timesboy right before Alzheimer's took his voice- those were the things that I piled in my car.
    I also may have poked holes in an IKEA container for Athena- lizards need love too.


  3. I learned that I can't have fish ever again because another friend said, "I was trying to figure out how to get the fishbowl out of the house when my husband said, 'Just put the fish in a ziploc bag and let's go!'" Can you imagine rescuing a whole tank of fish like that?? And what do you do with them, long term? Put them in a hotel sink? Yeah, no fish for me because they don't evacuate well and I sure couldn't leave them to boil.


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