Thursday, May 17, 2012

Utter Randomness

Frida Kahlo matches for my candles. They make me happy.

Bamboo water bottle- who knew this Granola Girl could love a water bottle so much?

Wrens are nesting on my front door. Warm fuzzies.
Just felt like sharing a few things that make me happy lately. You are welcome for not sharing the picture of the Miller Moth swarm or of Timesboy's gnarly troll toenails that I embarrassed him into cutting. Nope, just the warm fuzzy stuff.


  1. Wait - for realz wrens? Like, actual birds came to next in the Hobby Lobby-esque nesty area?

  2. P.S. - "next" is another way to write "nest" when you're feeling zesty. Or xesty.

  3. YES!!!! REALZ WRENS NEXTING in my little door hangy thing. We are no longer using the front door because a)I don't want to disturb the little beauties and b)I have a fear of walking out to a fallen baby.

  4. Your post and comments are making me smile!

  5. Omigosh, NO WAI! You need a bird cam! You could mount it above the nest somehow (you'd have to be a ninja, obviously) and then put it up on the internets and we could all watch your baby wrens! That is SO COOL!!!


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