Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just wanted to give kudos to my mama. She has taught me unconditional love, even as she probably sometimes wonders what planet I came from. We are so different from start to finish, but she has loved me during my worst times and my best times. She has held my hand, sometimes literally, during some of my mistakes and hard lessons. She has been my cheerleader, lifting me up when I have been so low that I could not rise up on my own.
As a single mom, I have a newfound gratitude for what my mom went through. I never knew the scariness, the weariness that could descend at times- she protected us from it. I also now know that she deserves the love on Mother's and Father's Day because she had to wear both hats.
As the mother of a teenager now, I  know that she deserves a HUGE thank you for not killing me. The hormones, the weepiness, the tunnel vision of what I wanted, the complete self-absorption that I possessed- I owe her for loving me through it all. I was far from loveable for years, but she loved me anyway.

Mamacita and Cinnamon

Thank you, Mamacita! You are a gift in my life that I am thankful for every single day. XOXOXOXO

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