Monday, April 2, 2012

Cricket Bowchickawowow

Things I learned from my move....

  1. Moving sucks. It doesn't matter if you have movers, if you don't, it still bites. Movers make it a bit less painful for your back, but you are still going to be searching for your dinner plates and your son's box o'underwear a week later.
  2. Never cut with the boxcutter coming towards you. I know, I know, you may think you are smart enough to do it for convenience's sake, but one wrong wrist move and you are going to be  in the Urgent Care, sitting next to the dumbass who thought he could use a staple gun while on a shaky ladder or the woman who was ironing naked.  
  3. You may be successful moving your son's gecko, but if you drop the cricket container, it is going to get nasty. You will be finding creepily silent white crickets for weeks throughout your house. You will be googling them to find out their mating habits. Because some cricket bowchickawowow is obviously going on amongst the boxes.
  4. Hanging pictures helps. Boxes and little piles seem to recede a little when the familiar lovies are on walls. Pictures of Pepa, baby pictures, and monkey art all make any house feel like a home.
  5. Your kids are resilient. They might actually have an easier time with the move than you will. 'specially if there is an ice cream shoppe and a library within walking distance.
  6. You'll start to love the new place too. The bigger closets, the master suite, the freedom that you and you alone picked it, paid for it, and did it all on your own- these things will all make the new place a good thing.


  1. You make it all real, everydayjill.

  2. Your humor shines through, even between trips to U.C. and researching the mating habits of white crickets, which I NEVER even knew existed before you shared!

  3. :-)

    Trying to live in the moment, but hoping for a time when the mating habits of creepy crickets doesn't concern me...


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