Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Five thanks and a bonus...

Went to dinner with one of my besties tonight- Wonderful! I am loving catching up on all of the things I have been missing out on- tonight was a reminder of this.

We were talking about gratitude- about finding the proverbial silver lining. She shared that she would journal five things she was grateful for, no matter how small. These things may or may not have included "I am grateful for not clocking that witch over the head when she was rude at the department store" and "I am grateful for the ability to cuss creatively." Some days we may have to reach to find things to be grateful for, and some days a sense of humor may be one of those five things.

Five things I am thankful for.... Hmmm, I can probably name five hundred, but five things for now because this is my blog and I can be self-absorbed if I wanna be :-)

1- New Normalcy. Falling into a new routine of kids and working out and friends and dogs and feeling authentic is a wonderful, if a little uncomfortable, sort of normal. I am kind of digging it, even as I still mourn the loss of the old normal.

2. Springtime. Longer nights filled with sunshine, sixty degree days- these things make me realize how much I hate winter. Snow can be beautiful and fun when you vacation in it, but the interminable nights and ice truly bring me down. Every bird singing and every little blade of green grass fighting to survive bring me a little bit of joy as I await the new Spring.

3. Gluten free hot and sour soup. Good God, I could live on that stuff. Especially when it is served in a bowl larger than my head. (I have a pumpkin head, by the way, so dinner tonight was a generous bowl of soup :)). Along with the requisite fortune cookie that I cannot eat...

"Opportunity awaits you on next Tuesday."

Bestie took this as I am going to get lucky next Tuesday night. I take this as I am going to buy a lottery ticket for next Tuesday night. Either way is a win, but I absolutely and whole-heartedly prefer the winning ticket, Willie Wonka...

4. Sons of Anarchy- I am ADDICTED to this show. One, it has an excellent storyline woven into all of the blood and guns and biker gangs. Two, the characters are amazingly well done and well acted. Three, Jax is hawt. Capital H Hawt. Four, and most importantly, these characters are so messed up and drama-filled that I can turn off my Netflix and feel remarkably boring. My drama has nothing, NOTHING, on biker gangs.

5. Kumquats, Kale and Kombucha. I think I may have some weird 'K' fetish with my food lately. I can happily live on these three things. One of my friends noticed that Timesboy only liked foods that started with "Ch" when he was little- Cheeezits. Chicken Nuggets. Chip. Cheese sticks. Chewy granola bars. Chocolate.  (Don't judge my parenting- it was a fleeting phase for the boy.) I may be channeling him with this single-minded alphabet-based food kick, although my kick prevents scurvy instead of causing it...

6. (Yay, a bonus gratitude!!!) Profanitycandy, an app on my phone. Oh my goodness- most creative cursing ever- it can make me laugh out loud and blush. I won't say the words here to keep it PG for my mama and my Mema, but let's just say I am glad I gave up red wine for Lent and not cursing.



  1. WTH?!?!? You gave up cursing?!?!? :)

  2. Never!!!!! I prefer to say I am refining the art of cursing :-)
    Just not in front of my mama...

    1. Who do you think taught me to curse in the first place!! ;)


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