Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Lord, unwrinkle my tired soul
Unsnarl my garbled thoughts
unwind my gnarled nerves
and let me relax in Thee.
       Marion Wright Edelman

Dear Lord, I need your peace today.
I have crooked places that need to be smoothed.
I am facing mountains I cannot climb and Valleys
I cannot cross. I need help. I release into your hands
all of the worries and anxieties and struggles of life.
        Dr. Suzan D Johnson Cook

I have a couple of friends who are hurting so badly right now, and I am helpless to take away their hurts.
I dug and dug and dug, not an easy task amidst all of the boxes, and managed to unearth these prayers. They got me through the unravelings of my marriage and the months afterwards. Definitely worth finding them again.


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