Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Peas In a Mailbox

Almost four years ago, I left everything behind except for my kitchen table, pictures, books, and my sanity. The monkeys and I started fresh. We worked on healing and coming together as a family of three. One night, not long after we moved into our little townhouse, I had a weird notion that we needed a family motto.

Supertween came up with "three peas in a pod."

Timesboy came up with "three envelopes in a mailbox."
And the squabbling began. And went on. He hated peas. She thought mailboxes were stupid. I suggested three wet cats in a bag, but that just induced more arguing and howls. I tried what I thought was a great compromise, "three peas in a mailbox."

Needless to say, we never came up with a motto that night.

Over the next few years, I would occasionally bring up the "three peas in a mailbox" but they never seemed to warm to the idea. Not even when Timesboy quit hating peas with all his heart. Mehhh, I thought it was a cute idea...

Fast forward to my birthday recently. When I opened my present from Supertween, I got the shock of my life. Best. Present. Ever. Lest you miss it, those are three (styrofoam, for posterity) peas. In a mailbox. A mailbox that Supertween covered in EVERYTHING I love. Might have been a little stalker-y if anyone else had decoupaged all of these things. Kale, a Canadian flag, Texas, Kavalier and Clay, Pinterest, Nutella, Salted caramel gelato, Pinterest, "Weeds", monkeys, and more- she got it all. I will keep this mailbox and three peas forever.

Tonight, after I broke the news to my kids, Timesboy and Supertween both brought up the peas. Both said, within seconds of each other, that we really are three peas in a mailbox. So I guess we did create a family motto, after all.


  1. That is AWESOME. And crazy-thoughtful. And just a little crazy, in general.
    You must have stumbled upon the secret to excellent mothering because I'm pretty sure this sort of heartfelt, loving gift only comes from someone who has a good mom.

  2. Thanks Chico!I hope you are right, my squirrel friend :-)


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