Monday, February 6, 2012

Nutelly, Get Into My Belly!!

C is skiing and working in Switzerland this week. I know, hard times, right?
Sooo, as he is strolling through the airport, C stops and snaps pics of this Nutella display at the Duty Free Shop. The picture scarcely does them justice but apparently each jar is over five pounds of Nutella. Each jar is, in his words, about the size of two rolls of paper towels. 

Mull that over for a second, peeps. A gargantuan jar weighing five pounds. Five pounds of smooth chocolaty hazelnut just begging to be saved from the airport in Switzerland. Do you have any idea how many spoonfuls of heaven that is? How many sandwiches? How many desserts that I have pinned on Pinterest? 

He didn't get the jar. I tried to act like it didn't matter. I tried to act nonchalant, like "Really, what kind of Nut Job would want a FIVE POUND jar of Nutella?" 

Then I casually mentioned that while I like Nutella, I really really also like Swiss watches, the nice Swiss watches. Thought this might put the fear of God in him and he might happily appease me with the giant jar of Nutella, but no dice. No Nutella, no Swiss watch made by hand. I'm kinda resigned to the possibility that I might get a 'Switzerland' tee-shirt made in Indonesia by small children.

Goodbye, sweet Nutella Giant.

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