Monday, March 16, 2015


       Ever tried. Ever failed.
       No matter. Try again.
       Fail again. Fail better.
                 -Samuel Beckett

Picture of perseverance from my run today :)
This quote went through my head when I was running today. Running after four months of NOT running feels more painful than running for the first time. My lungs and my left hamstring have told me to go to hell, in very clear terms. I figure they would rather sit on the couch and catch up on House of Cards and eat Thin Mints. But. No.
No Thin Mints and no more House of Cards (Frank really upped his douchebaggery this season, didn't he?!).  I have trips to plan for and mountains to climb and adventures to begin. Yummy cookies and Netflix do nothing for these plans, so off I go...
And on that note, I just passed a hurdle for one adventure I am attempting. Good vibes and the such are appreciated because this one will truly be that annoying and overused "trip of a lifetime." More if I pass the next hurdle, but I don't want to jinx it.

Peace and love and perseverance and adventures, cupcakes! XO

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