What a weekend!

What a weekend this was...

I did picklebacks with Jesus.

Steuben's special. Jameson's with a chaser of pickle juice.
Yep, that really is a drink. And I now know that you could drink ANYTHING and pickle juice will completely kill the taste. I am still undecided on whether this is a good or a bad thing.

And confession...
That was not really Jesus. It is just Cliff in a cool bowling shirt. But doing shots with Jesus sounds like way more fun, right?

I also found this charming old relic.

For those of you born after 1980, this is a phone. A Rotary Dial Phone. Good times.

It works. Seriously!!! Apparently, room service tastes better when ordered on a rotary dial phone. Or so I hear.

But, wait... There is more!! I got dive bombed by a pigeon with some serious IBS issues. I had been saying that I needed new pants, and this brutal bird attack sped up the shopping spree. My favorite old jeans? They are now in a dumpster somewhere, along with my favorite green tee. I am not usually wasteful, but I can assure you. After how that feathery rat violated my clothing, I was never going to wear those clothes again. Ever.  On a related note, Express on the 16th Street Mall is having a killer denim sale.

The weekend also included a trip up Mount Evans. Beautiful, beautiful, and a wee bit chilly. Tons of switchbacks, which are a blast on two wheels, and absolutely jaw-dropping scenery. Along with several dozen of these...

That stereotype of sheep being dim-witted? Yeah, it is true. Cute, but not so quick.

And I leave you with this picture. I am not a professional photographer, but you get the picture...

From the Mount Evans Summit. Gorgeous!!

Peace and love and pickle juice, friends. With or without the Jameson's...


  1. The idea of pickle shots still gives me squeebie weebies. Ick.
    Does the phone work? It looks like it's on a slab of marbled cheddar and that makes me hungry.
    I take it Cliff is a "Big Lebowski" fan? Or was he not aware of the Jesus bowling shirt thing?
    Also, that mountain goat looks like it has little angel wings.
    Finally, I strongly feel you should update this post with the picture of lettuce because it would bring everything around to the beginning (shots/drunken frizzy headed woman) and that's just clever.


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