Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Serious medical forms

Welcome to one of fifty-nine pages of required reading/filling out for my monkey to go to high school. Whoever created these forms OBVIOUSLY neither had a teenager nor a sense of humor. Because if they did, they would know that putting "ADD, ADHD, Depression, Mood Disorder, and Neurological Disorder" on said form is almost comic relief.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, OHELLYES, and Yes. With a big fat helping of Yes.

I could dissect these forms in eighty different ways but I should probably instead start filling them out. Without all of the snarky and smartarse comments I want to put when the form asks for things like "Listening Problems?" and "Dietary Limitations?" Ummm, on number one, only if you are her mother and on number two, only if it is meat, green, vitamin-containing, calcium having, or anything that I make...

Welcome to the high school years. Strap yourselves in and grab a drink. It's gonna be lovely :-)

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