Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am a storyteller.


I am not sure if it comes as a survival technique from being raised as the child of an addict, if it comes from being with an addict for such a long period, or if it is just the crazy mishmash way my DNA happened to be put together, but I am a storyteller.

When I was younger, it came out in the little stories I would write. As a teenager, it came out in my oh-so-dramatic journal entries and poetry. (The high school poetry- if I ever die unexpectedly, it is on my top shelf in a taped up shoe box. Whoever gets there first, please burn it. Burn. It. Shhhh.) As I had my monkeys, it came out in my stories- lots and lots of bedtime stories and long drawn-out sagas told during drives and park trips.

I haven't told stories in a while because they have fallen to the wayside as life has gotten so thick with reality. Even as I have let the stories fall back into the shadows, they have still been there. This past month has been good in that I have realized I am indeed a storyteller.

I have had this one stewing for a while but haven't gone anywhere with it. And now it is bubbling up and I am so stinking excited. I am writing constantly, and rewriting and going back to it. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it. I almost feel like this story is writing me versus the other way around. It is the reason I sleep four hours a night and may have perpetual bags under my eyes.

So there you go. Oh, and by the way, it is fiction. I may be taking notes in real life but I won't name names. So you can breathe easy. Whew.

Muah Muah. Mushy love, y'all!

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  1. The simplest advice is the best I find, just write. I have a collection of all things that can be written on with ideas, characters, possible scenes and outlines. I may never make a full novel but damn is it fun!
    Create create create my dear!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been plumbing the depths of my purse every couple of days because I keep writing ideas, dialogue, and pieces on random receipts and napkins and then stuffing them into said purse- funny how writing a bit makes us want to write more!



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