Sunday, March 4, 2012

New day

Changes on the way, buttercups!

Hoity Toity never felt really authentic so I am going back to "Everydayjill". However, I am all for simplification so I am going for "Everydayjill2" versus that waaaay too long "Everydayjillwentupthehill" jazz. I have also opened it up so that anyone can comment versus making people sign in. Thus, there will probably be weird spambotty comments- good times!

I am going to try to balance oversharing with some other writing. I may pontificate on politics, I may share my new favorite recipe for pumpkin granola bars, or I may share wisdom from the monkeys. I have a feeling that Pug pictures will also show up on the scene, along with pictures from adventures.

Thanks for checking in and for all of your wonderfulness via so many other channels.


Peace and love and yummy stuff!

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