No Words Necessary...

You people thought I was making this up...


  1. Awwww! You got your 50# tub of Nutella!!! That's so sweet (literally)
    By the way, what is with this sudden Nutella craze. It's not like it's new it just because it's finally easy to get? I figure maybe you might know...

  2. Oh, chico. It's Pinterest- that website gives you about eight thousand different recipes for Nutella goodness. Nutellla is the new bacon. Or the new black. Whatev...

    1. That's what made me ask! I keep seeing Nutella EVERYTHING on Pinterest and I couldn't figure out why it suddenly became so overwhelmingly popular.
      You can mix the Nutella, bacon, and black all together. You'll get a burnt Nutella cupcake with bacon sprinkles, or something.


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