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Rolling in the Right Now.

We said goodbye to two of the best dogs ever in the last eleven months. Gallup, the big Galumph, who never met a stranger. Eighty five pounds of yellow lab, he could become six thousand pounds of brute force pulling your arm out of socket if you happened to be holding a leash when he spied a squirrel. He liked to escape the house and yard to greet neighbors, and often turned up at one of the nearby restaurants because, well, FOOD. I still awaken sometimes, expecting to hear his old man snores and sighs, remembering as I gather my wits, that he has been gone for a while. 
And Lucky. My God. Lucky was a force to be reckoned with. He was wiry and prickly, and drove me absolutely nuts. That dog could destroy a piece of furniture if he thought that a crumb was under a cushion. He could sniff out a trash can in mere seconds, and spread coffee grounds and food across three levels of a house like an artist painting a canvas. His terrier teeth were legendarily sharp, and his bark was even sha…

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